How To Identify A Substance Abuse Problem In A Loved One

Substance abuse is rampant around the world as it impacts nearly everyone whether they battle this or a family member does. The unfortunate truth is that a number of people do not have established coping mechanisms which can lead to unhealthy behaviors. Resorting to drinking immense amounts of alcohol to numb the thought of a bad day you had will just leave you with a hangover in the morning. Identifying substance abuse in a loved one can be difficult as addicts tend to try to hide their behaviors. The following are things to watch out for if you think a loved one might be struggling with substance abuse. 

Arrested For The First Time 

Getting arrested for a DUI or drug possession is an obvious sign that there could be a problem. A theft charge could be due to trying to provide financially for an addiction. Getting the best criminal defense attorney is important in this situation. The loved one could be offered a diversion program where they can get help for their substance abuse problems. If they have been arrested multiple times for the same thing then they might not be offered this opportunity. At times, an arrest can be a blessing in disguise if it starts your loved one out on the path of sobriety. 

Sudden Financial Issues 

Financial issues are a telltale sign of addiction especially if your loved one should have more than enough money from their job. Drugs are expensive and addicts tend to need more due over time due to developing a tolerance. Alcohol can be a bit trickier as for a few dollars a day a person could purchase bottom-shelf liquor. Looking at ATM withdraws is another good idea as you might see certain increments being taken out regularly. 

Withdrawing From Family And Friends

Hiding an addiction is a top priority as a number of addicts are ashamed of what they are doing. The importance of getting a loved one help cannot be understated. Addictions do get worse over time which is why early intervention is imperative. If you notice a loved one withdrawing you need to speak up especially with the mental health epidemic going on in the US. 

Sudden Changes In Mood 

Sudden changes in mood can be a sign of substance abuse. A person could be quite energetic for around an hour followed by a huge crash in their mood. Mood swings can be on account of withdrawal or being high or drunk. Keeping strange hours is not always a sign of substance abuse but it can be. Make sure you are also looking for any sudden physical changes like a loss of weight or eyes that can have very small pupils. 

Addiction is something that can be tough to deal with as the addict has to want to help themselves and you cannot force them to do so. Recognize a substance abuse problem and address it as it could help save your loved one’s life.