Imtazur Rahman Tips for Planning Your DREAM Wedding on a Dime!

Here are some insider advice tips from an expert Canadian wedding planner.

Every person has their own idea of what a dream wedding ought to look like! It’s all part the magic of this very romantic wedding!

BUT! Well… weddings can be expensive.

As time passes the cost of weddings continue to increase. There are a lot of things to consider. The venue and wedding dress and wedding cake and the honeymoon meal, entertainment, printing and taking wedding photos and so on.

A lot of newlyweds are in debt because they spend so much money making plans for their wedding. That’s no way to start the process of getting married!

We’re happy to share some of our tips for organizing your dream wedding on a budget with Imtazur, an experienced Canadian wedding planner from Canada.

What is the average cost of weddings?

Imtazur Rahman – This might not be a shock to your readers, but budget weddings are becoming more popular these days with an increasing cost of weddings. In the United States, a typical wedding cost $34,000 a few years back. The cost is now $28,000 in 2019 (and will drop even further in 2020, with the average wedding budget estimated at $19,000).

What is the most costly part of wedding planning?

Imtazur Rahman The venue is usually one of the more expensive. The typical venue is around $10,000, which is about the half of the budget. If the venue provides food tables, drinks chairs, linens and tables, it might cost you between $12,000-14,000.

It could be that it is more expensive or more affordable depending on where you are hosting the wedding ceremony. It also depends on how many guests are attending.

What additional wedding expenses should one be aware of?

Imtazur Rahman: Other than the venue/catering There are at least three factors that could hurt a newlywed’s finances.

The Engagement Ring

  • Engagement rings, which are the symbol of a marriage and can be quite costly. Prices will differ based on your tastes in style and design, as well as the manufacturer and so on. However, regardless of where your tastes run the majority of engagement rings cost around $5,000.

Music & Entertainment

  • Outside of the ceremony itself There’s also the reception to consider. It’s all about the entertainment you are seeking. For instance, a live band can cost around $3,000 while DJs will cost around $2,200.

Photography and Videography

  • Photos and videos are essential to keep the memory of your day. Professional photography will cost you around $2000, while the videography services will run you around $1,000.

What advice would you offer couples trying to organize an event without spending much money?

Imtazur Rahman: I believe the most difficult thing that brides and grooms must deal with when planning for their wedding is establishing a realistic budget for their finances. I’ve had clients come to me with budgets as small as $8,000-$15,000 — which is perfectly fine! It’s possible to still have an event for that cost. The only question is whether or not that budget works with their expectations.

What I mean to say is that when planning your own wedding within a budget, you must be prepared to make sure that the price you choose to set will work on the kind of wedding that you envision. It is not possible to make your dream wedding happen in any price range. I guarantee you that you’ll spend more money in this manner. Therefore, I emphasise the word”realistic.

What are brides and grooms have to do to lower costs for their wedding?

Imtazur Rahman Make concessions when you can! You don’t have to give up things you must have. In fact, at the very least it’s not a good idea. You can make concessions (and it can be any thing) These are my definitions of concessions.

  1. Choose the date for your wedding. It is possible to have your wedding on a weekday instead of Saturday or Sunday. This can reduce your venue fees.
  2. It is possible to organize your wedding reception and reception at the same time! It is cheaper to only having one venue, as venues are one of the most costly aspects of organizing the wedding.
  3. Limit your guest list! Do you have any guests that you must invite to your wedding day? And whom are they? Take this into consideration: the more people that you invite, the higher your budget will be. It’s not just to cover the cost of a larger venue as well as to pay for other wedding features.
  4. Make yourself your personal favors!This is an activity that most of my clients are more than eager to take on particularly since wedding favors are pretty expensive.

In truth, I could talk for hours about all the concessions that you could make to make your perfect day work with your budget. But, you get the idea! Give up things that won’t make the event more special for you.

Do you have last-minute tips for someone planning a budget wedding?

Imtazur Rahman: Do not be afraid to ask for assistance! This doesn’t mean you need to consult your wedding planner. I’m talking about family and friends! Invite them to join in and make it a memorable day for all. I’m certain they will be delighted to assist you on this day of celebration.

Imtazur Rahman: Well, if you’re seeking professional assistance in planning your wedding, I have a website that you can visit to get in touch with me!