The Road to Vaccine Confidence

With the ever promising hope of a back to normal life, we are all hoping that the COVID vaccines will be effective. Many ask if the single dose or 2 dose step vaccines work? Will they prove effective against the Delta and future variants? Will we need boosters for the ongoing future? Only time will tell. One thing’s for certain – we will need a much larger percentage of the population to be able to achieve herd immunity. Medical experts have said that they estimate a full 75 – 80 percent of the population will need to be vaccinated. We’ll need this in order for us to achieve herd immunity. Is vaccine confidence the answer?

It takes a village to raise a child and a society to help change misperceptions. So, let’s fight misinformation and learn what kinds of incentives are working. Also, what outreach has been effective in terms of overcoming vaccine hesitancy. Because many of these opinions have been informed through social media posts, there have been uncertainties about the overall speed of rollout of the COVID vaccine. 

A comprehensive survey and report was performed by Real Chemistry looking at the demographics and habits of the vaccine hesitant. They might surprise you and not be what you had assumed. Learn more about instilling vaccine confidence in more of the population in the visual deep dive below.

Vaccine Confidence