How to Gain Writing Insights

When writing a press release, briefing, speech, article, journal, or any other type of writing it’s important to have positive feedback. Criticism is a really great way to learn and adapt your writing to grow and develop. Many skilled writers, like Ken Kurson, enjoy getting feedback because it leads to insights. 

When gathering feedback, it’s important not to take it to heart. By taking something personally, it’s a reflection of the kind of writer you will be. By blocking out advice because of too much attachment to your writing, insights can be lost and the writing quality may decrease over time. As our writing changes, the insights given by others can really structure future pieces and only benefit us in the future. Sometimes, even the most skilled writer gets caught up in something that distracts them from writing. With that, insights can be transformational. Asking around to collect new and innovative ideas should be at the top of any writers list. People like Ken Kurson recommend having peers look over your work because so many insights are hidden between the lines. Having a team to collaborate on ideas is an amazing way to gather healthy insights and predict the future of your writing.