Are Hampton Beaches COVID-19 Safe?

To be candid, there are no “safe” places during COVID-19. That being said, there are plenty of options for folks who want to explore the Hamptons but keep a distance from others. Most residents, like Helen Lee Schifter, own million-dollar houses. Depending on where on the island they are located, some have private beaches. Airbnb’s are rentable and some also include these private beaches. 

So, if renting a home is in the budget, it’s probably the safest way to be at the beach. The Hamptons are surrounded by water. Renting a boat is a great way to take the family out for a day and remain very far from others. All that is required is a boating license or a captain. As far as regulation, there are beaches that allow boats to dock for a few hours before returning home. It all depends on personal preference and self-awareness of exposure around them. Again, it’s hard to say what beaches are safe unless they are privately owned. Public beaches may be overcrowded and unsafe. However, if that is the only option, get there early. Putting up barriers around the setup location will deter people from entering “your bubble”. As much as we all wish we were Helen Lee Schifter with her private beach, there are ways to remain safe and have fun in the sun at the Hamptons during COVID-19.