How Printing Advertising Materials Online Can Benefit Your Business

In today’s digital world consumers tend to overlook printed branding materials. Too many business owners now disregard print media as “obsolete” and unneeded. However, print media may be the best branding tool firms are missing! And Zoe Print can help you with your 2023 print ad strategy and help you grown.

Books, business cards, brochures, coupons, magazines, newspapers, billboards, postcards, and product packaging are examples of print media. Use at least some of these mediums to improve your brand’s image. 

Physical print media 

When the consumer sees the materials, it gives them a psychological sense of “realness” that digital media cannot provide. Object handling involves sensory input making it more memorable than pixels. According to Scientific American, humans remember words on paper better than on screens. 

Book paper stimulates the memory more than a screen. Even if your competitors have a far higher digital advertising budget, this can provide you an edge over them. Print and digital marketing might give you an edge over competitors. 

Did you know that even handing out business cards boosts brand engagement? I follow a lot of people on social media, so I won’t dig through my following list after a networking event to identify someone I just met, but I’ll remember and engage with a brand if I have a business card. 

Print promotes brand credibility. 

Print media is also more credible than digital media. Magazine and newspaper subscribers believe the content is truthful, credible, and beneficial. Because people identify your brand with the publication, advertising in various mediums boosts brand awareness. Businesspeople want to be on Forbes because it’s prestigious. Entrepreneur and Wall Street Journal are similar. 

Print is less competitive. 

With internet branding and advertising oversaturated, printed material has less competition. 

Digital advertising is cheaper and simpler. Google and Facebook track billions of people’s habits and provide tools to generate, target, and execute advertising in minutes, giving marketers a lot of data to target their ads. Digital advertising’s ease of use and strong targeting technologies make every organization fight for the top keywords, and the ones with the most money usually win. 

Print ads 

Magazine advertising is great. Over the past eight years, magazine circulation has barely decreased despite digital media. Magazine reading was at the highest levels in 2019 since 2012. Magazine ads perform better than digital ads because they reach a specific, predictable demographic (assuming you choose the right magazine for the right target audience). 

Everyone avoids advertisements online. Every browser has many ad blocking plugins. Probably! 42.7% of internet users used ad blockers in 2020. Advertisements are anticipated and part of the magazine experience. I typically read magazine ads more than the articles. 

Print Ads last 

When given the chance, users close or skip digital adverts. Online ads are rarely viewed. Print ads last years. Have you checked the dates on waiting room magazines? Magazines and newspapers typically contain five-year-old issues which people are still looking through. Print ads remain in front of potential customers much longer than digital ads. You can be sure of this.