Important Tips for Moving Forward After an Unplanned Pregnancy

You did not anticipate this result; the pregnancy test is positive. You may be experiencing so many emotions simultaneously. What should your next step be? Texas Adoption Center has some important tips that can help you navigate this critical time in your life.

Half of all pregnancies are unplanned, therefore it is only natural that many women ask how to deal with an unintended pregnancy. As with any major choice, it is essential to take time to analyze, accept, and determine the next steps. 

Here are six strategies to assist you as you manage an unanticipated pregnancy: 

1. Acknowledge that you are in shock, which is acceptable. 

Any unplanned pregnancy is startling. It is not something you anticipated, planned for, or even likely considered. It is acceptable if it takes a few days for you to accept it. Allow yourself time to comprehend and absorb information. 

2. Permit Yourself To Have Feelings 

You will be feeling a lot of different emotions and you should allow yourself to experience all of them including feelings, including rage, excitement, irritation, and perplexity. Record your emotions, so that after a few days, when the intensity has lessened, you may evaluate them and determine how you continue to feel about the pregnancy. 

3. Face Your Doubts 

Whether their pregnancies are planned or unplanned, the majority of women have misgivings about their capacity to make appropriate pregnancy decisions. It is essential to recognize that initial worries and uncertainties are not sufficient grounds for making a decision, despite how easy it is to succumb to them. Acknowledge your sentiments, but do not let fear dictate your decisions. Remember that you are not required to make a decision immediately. 

4. Visualize The Various Alternatives 

Visualize each of your available possibilities and move past your fear. Imagine being at home with your child. Consider grocery shopping and other daily routines. 

What emotions do you believe you would experience a week and a month following an abortion, when you hold your first child? Considering adoption, can you visualize yourself doing the process? How would you feel about that? Each of these selections is challenging in its own way. A professional choices counselor may be able to help you navigate this procedure. 

5. Don’t Let Finances Be Your Top Concern 

Although finances are crucial, they should not be the only element you consider when making a pregnancy decision. There is abundant assistance available to you. Texas Adoption Center provides tools and referrals to assist women and men with pregnancy-related decisions. 

6. Find non-judgmental assistance. 

People have numerous views and emotions regarding unwanted pregnancies. It is essential that you discover people who will offer support and encouragement when you need it. Texas Adoption Center may provide free and confidential support during your pregnancy if you are unsure of where to begin. 

We have provided free and confidential treatment to pregnant women for over three decades. Our staff is skilled at assisting every woman who passes through our doors to cope with an unintended pregnancy. Make an appointment with us and we will assist you with your next steps.