How To Make an Eye-catching Digital Business Card Qr Code?

Square patterns of black-and-white smaller squares have been increasingly popular in recent years. And they may instruct you to scan them with your smartphone device. Alternatively, they may simply assume you know what to do.

QR codes, which stand for “quick response,” are these eye-catching but puzzling designs. Because they contain more information than a normal barcode, some marketers refer to them as 2D barcodes.

In a nutshell, they allow anyone with a camera-enabled phone to scan the code and obtain information.

They give anything with flat service interactivity and a direct-response channel. They excite advertisers because they may provide customers with information in a variety of formats, such as phone numbers, text messages, app downloads, photo galleries, and links to shopping or video-watching websites.

When smartphones — which have the requisite ability to detect QR codes — became more ubiquitous three years ago, advertisers began experimenting with them.

They were first used in printed advertisements to make them more interactive. They were especially popular with newspapers and magazines because they helped make their advertisements more relevant to younger, more tech-savvy consumers.

The codes may now be found on everything from grocery store fruit labels to apparel and jewelry, company vehicles, billboards along highways, the facades of for-sale buildings, tattoos, and so on. 

Everything you can do with a QR code!

QR codes can be used to quickly exchange contact information via business cards, phone numbers, and texts, thus giving birth to the vcard QR code and its use in today’s modern corporate information exchange. 

They’re especially good at translating physical interactions into online activities, so include them on printed materials like flyers or business cards.

To begin with, here are some additional QR code examples:

Your website should be promoted.

From your business cards to flyers, you can use a QR code to link to your website. It’s an excellent way to make it even easier for prospective customers to learn more about you or your company. 

You can put it next to your contact information and include a line explaining what it’s about.

Make the experience more secure.

The Covid-19 pandemic has modified our perceptions of in-store customer experiences, particularly in locations where transmission risks are greatest, such as restaurants.

QR codes have shown to be useful not only for tracing contacts, but also for safely reopening bars and restaurants. Customers can register with contact tracking apps from the Menu using QR codes without having to leave their table.

If you want to restrict the number of touchpoints, place a sticker on the table with a QR code that goes to your online menu, where customers can order securely and safely.

Share useful information

Promote your company blog or social media account where you give insights and inspiration on your marketing materials if you have one.

To assist people, get the most out of your products or services, provide a link to your blog or Instagram account on your brand stickers, product instructions, or care card.

How to generate an eye-catching digital business card QR code?

  • In the menu, select vCard.
  • Fill in the relevant fields to generate your vCard QR code.
  • Create a QR code by clicking the generate dynamic QR code button.

After you’ve opted on your preferred QR code option, you can now create your QR code. We recommend finalizing it as a dynamic QR code for a safe and successful QR code usage.

To personalize your QR code, choose from a choice of patterns, eyes, a logo, and color schemes.

  • Do a scan test

Conduct a scan test on a regular basis. You’ll be able to see if your QR code works well this way.

  • Download, then display

After you’ve determined that your QR code is functional, you can download, distribute, or display it wherever you wish.


While classic materials like business cards cannot be fully discounted, there is always space for improvement. By integrating a QR code generator with logo online, they can add a technological touch with their business cards and improve their means of sharing business information with just a scan.