How Knitting Can Help You Get Through Social Distancing

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These are difficult times that we are all going through at the moment, and having to social distance, from friends, neighbours and family is a very difficult thing to do. However, we must if we are to get through this pandemic and come out the other side smiling. The main issue with social distancing is that it deprives you of company with your nearest and dearest and this can have a detrimental effect on your physical and mental health. This is why you need to keep yourself occupied during the times when you’re not working online or taking care of your family members. There are many different things that you could be doing but many of them involve physical exertion on your part and you might not have the energy for that.

Thankfully, knitting has become very popular and once you get your yarn from the Knitting Co and your needles, you will be ready to enjoy a pastime that millions of people enjoy. As well as providing you with something to do during social distancing, it can also help greatly with your overall health. If you don’t believe me, then perhaps read the following benefits that knitting provides.

  1. It provides a sense of purpose – Before you start knitting you will have a final item in mind that you want to make, and that could be anything from a pullover to a scarf. Once you figure out your goal, then you can begin to set out to achieve it by knitting it. Once it’s finished, you can enjoy a great sense of achievement and purpose.
  • It helps with stress – Worrying about covid will take its toll on your stress levels, and you need something to take your mind off that. Knitting is a great way to stop thinking about the things that you’re worried about, and instead concentrate on what’s happening right in front of your eyes. Once the knitting needles get moving and you have your yarn, you will be instantly transformed to a calmer more peaceful place. If you have gone through a recent pregnancy, then knitting can help you to get your body back both physically and mentally.
  • Improves concentration & memory – Knitting is a fantastic way to focus your mind, and it’s perfect for people who are hyperactive and need help focusing on one thing. With knitting, you can actually see your project grow right in front of your eyes, and this helps you to concentrate on what is right in front of you. To knit properly, you need to practice and dedicate yourself to this pastime, and while you’re doing it you’re going to make mistakes, but as long as you learn from them, this is a very worthwhile endeavour. To learn more about using yarn for your knitting, have a look here.

In these technologically advanced times, we are constantly looking at our smart phones and losing track of the direction in which our lives are going. Knitting helps you to step away from your smart phones and other devices, and provide you with a very affordable way to have a better appreciation of your time.