The Work Starts Now: Getting Your Body Back After Pregnancy

Treating your body right during pregnancy is about listening to your body. The foods your body is telling you to eat are correct but this could make it difficult to get back into shape after giving birth. The real work starts as soon as you are cleared to exercise as it could be a couple of weeks. Getting your body back after pregnancy has to be done with patience. Quitting a new exercise routine or diet after a few weeks will not generate the results that you want. You need 

to set up a plan to help you get your body back which can include personal trainers, nutritionists, plastic surgeons, and a dedication to get fit. The following are tips to get your body back after pregnancy which can be extremely tough for all women.

Stop Eating Like You Are Pregnant 

Eating what your body craves during pregnancy is important for your baby and your mental state. The cravings that many women have are strange, to say the least. Portion control is more important than anything as you were previously eating for two. Start counting calories and slowly decrease your intake as trying to drop too many calories isn’t healthy. Dropping your caloric intake by a few hundred calories weekly from the peak of your pregnancy will help you lose weight naturally. A crash diet is a recipe for disaster as you likely will go back to unhealthy eating ways if you have not changed your overall eating habits. 

Start Slowly Exercising 

Giving birth is traumatic which is why a number of medical professionals recommend taking it easy for a few weeks afterward. The last thing you want is to is injure yourself with a newborn as you will be up and about during all hours of the day/night. You could start out by taking your newborn outside after they have gotten their few rounds of booster shots. Finding time to go to the gym might take time as you want to find a babysitter or family member you can trust with the baby. For mothers with older children, this will be far less of an issue as family gym memberships at the YMCA and other facilities are reasonably priced. A number of YMCAs actually have a care program for children with people certified in areas like infant CPR. 

A Plastic Surgeon Can Work Wonders 

A plastic surgeon is going to be able to help with the areas that you cannot seem to fix. At times, there are going to be areas that have been impacted by pregnancy that will not look like they did without professional help. Seeing a board-certified plastic surgeon for a Mommy Makeover Raleigh NC can combine multiple procedures that address problems that new mothers have. Seeing the options that you have is important as it could give you the body back you want!

Take time to slowly get back into shape in a healthy manner while taking care of your newborn. Consistency is key when it comes to getting into shape so create a system to hold yourself accountable.