Finding the Hidden Threat

In the growing digital world that we find ourselves in today, it can be hard to comprehend just how much of ourselves is out on the internet. From profile pictures down to our genealogy, the internet has made our lives seem more accessible, convenient and dangerous? Yes, with all good things there are some downsides but with the internet, it can be hard to identify where the dangers lie. There is often a hidden threat that remains unseen.

Recently with newsworthy hacks such as the hacking attack on the Colonial Pipeline, we are becoming increasingly aware that the internet can be a dark and scary place. In order to indefinite the origin of potential threats we need two very important pieces of the puzzle: data and a human touch. 

Data is becoming the key ingredient to identifying potential cyber risks. With cyber wars being waged everyday, we are learning more and more information on how hackers do what they do and what we can do to stop it. To put it into perspective, over 89% of businesses have experienced some sort of cyber attacks in the recent past. This means that we have literally thousands of data points that we can use to try and find identifying patterns to stop cyber attacks in their tracks.

These attacks cost businesses over 4.4 million each time ransomware is used against a business. This is an expense that is completely preventable if we can start to track and crack down on hackers and cyber criminals. If this happens we can not only protect individual’s data, but also company data. This is increasingly more important because we are finding out that hackers are starting to shift and attack healthcare industries. These industries carry extremely sensitive data and could be potentially detrimental to patient care. 

All in all, there is still not a ton of information that we have on the identity and origin of cyber attacks. As we tiptoe headfirst into our digital world we must keep in mind our privacy and the privacy of the companies that we trust. A focus on this ensures the security and safety of our digital data. 

Find the hidden threat before it’s too late – check out more in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of Pondurance:

Tobias Harris – Identifying the hidden threat