Home Title Theft: Know Your Risks

Many of us find solace in home ownership, and this has been especially true during the pandemic lockdowns. What a frightening thought that all that we have worked so hard in life to save for in terms of home ownership could be taken away by a few clever hackers? Well, this is what a modern day cybersecurity threat looks like in the form of home title theft. It’s important to know the signs of how it happens, and what to look for to be better prepared if someone comes knocking at your door saying that your home is in foreclosure.

First, a cyber criminal tries to forge the deed of your home through easily accessible online data. They can get your property data from public records – even examples of your signature. If a scammer then files this paperwork with your county, their goal is to profit from their false deed by taking out loans against the property, selling the property, and even in some cases inheriting the property after the owner’s death!

For many of us, our home is our largest asset.  Make sure this asset is protected – to learn more about the signs of home title theft and how to be proactive in your defense with Home Title Lock in the visual deep dive below:

Latest cyberthreat is stealing your home equity
Source: HomeTitleLock.com