Choosing the Right Bedding

During these tumultuous times, it is of great importance that we take care of our health, including getting the proper sleep we need. More people have recently invested in their sleep with new bedding, but how do you pick the right bedding for yourself? How should you take care of your sheets? 

Several Americans wash their bed sheets every week, including single American women and couples. More than half of single American men wash the sheets once every two and a half months or less. Although, experts say that the sheets and pillowcases are better to be washed each week for a better sleep. Sheets are also recommended to be changed if they look worn out or irritate your allergies. 

Buying new sheets involves evaluating several attributes such as the bedding material, cotton quality, staple length, weave, thread count, ply, sheet size, and color. In terms of bedding material, you can choose from linen, polyester, silk, cotton, bamboo, modal (beech), or tencel (eucalyptus). For staple length, there are extra-long staple, long staple, and short staple while weave choices include percale, sateen, and twill. You also have a choice between single-ply and two-ply, standard versus deep fitted sheet sizes, and a wide variety of colors to choose from. 

When making your bedding choices, remember that it’s best to first understand your needs and preferences so you use the best sheets possible for great sleep.

Guide to Sheets: The Ultimate Guide to Bedding