Manual Input vs Automated Insurance Card Scan

Insurance is one issue that affects everyone, but is rarely talked about until it has already caused its damage. Even less talked about are the practical issues surrounding insurance, not on a universal level, but a smaller scope. Manual vs. automated insurance is one of these issues.

Patients and providers alike lose out on billions of dollars every year from insurance errors and sometimes fake insurance information. Currently, the majority of insurance is taken manually, requiring someone to physically look at the insurance and to enter the information. This requires more human work, increases wait times for insurance claims, and varies a lot with the quality of a website’s design.

In contrast, automated insurance consists of capturing an image of one’s insurance and letting the process run itself. This is an AI powered operation, and with the right software is much faster, more reliable, and safe for the insurance providers and patients alike. It keeps things cleaner on all ends and after installation is immensely more simple.
For healthcare professionals, this switch to fully automatic verification through insurance card scan could save billions every year. The reality is there isn’t much competition, any office or provider that can switch to automated insurance can and should. Billing will be more clear for patients, providers can save on manpower, and it generally makes the whole process a safer ordeal.

Insurance Capture & Verification Automation Matters More Than Ever
Source: OrbitHC