Build Muscle: Boxing Gym in Cottonwood Utah

Boxing is one of the few workouts that will hit every single body group up a notch and while sculpting that physique from the inside out. The Boxing gym in Cottonwood Utah is making a huge dent in the boxing gym circuit and their clients are having results that are all by the help of their trainers and programs they offer. The way that boxing can build muscles without the use of lifting heavy weights on a daily basis has skeptics backpedaling their opinions after seeing these amazing results. 

Full Body Movements 

Legends Boxing gyms have found a way to put the fun back into working out, releasing that dopamine effect of a workout high. People are catching the boxing bug after their trial workout and coming back for more. Full body movements not only engage in the large muscle groups, they combine the starting and hard stopping movements that ignite every muscle in the opposite direction. 

Killer Upper Body 

You do not need to sit on a boring standardized machine to sculpt those toned shoulders and back you’ve dreamed of.  Punching bags not only have an incredible array of movements you can throw in, they make your one minute speed bag experience get you faster results. It’s fun to test your limits and get in a few more jabs. Let’s face it, we all need to burn off a little more steam at times plus it’s fun to hit something without the consequences that go along with it. Heavy bags give you that power you are striving for. Using that weight to resist against your punches and push through will build the muscles quickly and efficiently. 

Kicking Your Way to Amazing Lower Body Agility

Who knew there were so many variations of a simple lower body exercise, that one word is squats. During a boxing class, you will do a variety of jump squats, low and slow sets, lunge squats and wall squats. When you are in a group setting, even rotating in some classes to different areas of the gym, you lose track of how many you are doing. This muscle group can burn calories and have you achieving more agility and strength just by this simple exercise. Gaining the momentum of kicking a heavy bag, tapping it with your lower leg and reaching to limits you didn’t know where possible, can build muscle in places that you didn’t know were possible. 

Rotating Core

Your core will literally help support all of your other movements so you are able to move quicker, punch hands, and kick harder and higher each time you workout. Boxing is by far one of the best overall workouts for engaging every single abdominal muscle you have. This will make you lean, and stronger with every movement you make. Rotating your core with your arms in the fighting position protecting your face rotating the weight from one foot to the next shapes your obliques and tightens your core muscles supporting your back. Have you ever seen a boxer that has flabby abs? I haven’t either, there is a reason for that. 

Boxing Gyms support your momentum to gain a better self whether from a toning, heart racing, agility or strength training movements. The clients feed off the energy and comradery that also goes along with Legends Gyms. Building muscles should not be boring, allowing a variety of exercises and movements begin to shape a new you mentall y and physically is the ultimate goal. Wherever you are in your fitness journey, joining a boxing gym will be the best decision you could ever make.