5 Bomber Jacket Styles to Know About

Bomber jackets are very “in” right now. They are a necessary closet item for all fashion-forward men. From sporty to casual, bomber jackets can enhance many otherwise basic outfits. You can effortlessly wear these jackets in spring or autumn and achieve a sleek appearance. While old-fashioned bomber jackets used to look a bit bulky, newer designs have taken on a more stylish look while maintaining all of the item’s original benefits. 

Bomber Jacket Styles to Know About – Main Characteristics 

  • Were invented back in the 1940s as flight jackets for pilots;
  • Initially made of leather but, nowadays, you can find them in a wider range of fabrics: cotton, polyester, nylon, etc.;
  • It is a short jacket that only goes until your waist area;
  • There’s a ribbed waistband;
  • The neckline is defined;
  • Comes with matching ribbed cuffs;
  • Features a zipper and, usually, it has 2-4 practical pockets.

The Best Bomber Jacket Styles You Should Try 

Casual Bomber Jackets 

With this type of bomber jacket, you can easily achieve a casual look, by pairing this clothing item with a pair of trousers and some black or white sports shoes. If you wear it when the weather is colder, you should match the jacket with a black or grey sweatshirt. For a bolder look, throw a beanie hat in the mix. 

Smart Casual Jackets

If you can’t decide between casual and smart, feel free to opt for a combination of these two street styles. Still, creating the perfect smart casual look is tricky to accomplish. You’ll do well as long as you combine the proper items from both styles. So, the bomber jacket remains on the casual side while clothes like shirts make it more formal. Finish the look with simple footwear such as leather trainers and a pair of chino pants. 

Leather Bomber Jacket 

Leather bomber jackets are the ideal clothing item for colder weather, being thicker than other fabrics. Also, compared to nylon bomber jackets, this one is more durable and waterproof. Leather clothing might give you a vintage look but if you want an overall contemporary style, you should wear the jacket with faded T-shirts, worn sneakers, and a pair of ripped jeans. 

Either way, the leather jacket will always be a timeless option. 

Suede Bomber Jacket

As chic as this jacket might be, you should avoid wearing it during rainy days if you don’t want to destroy the material which is more sensitive. Nevertheless, suede bomber jackets are all the rage when it comes to stylish and smart looks. It is your regular jacket with a twist. The best colors to choose when you purchase this type of jacket are beige and brown but you can also pick navy, black, or white tones. 

Long Bomber Jacket – a Unique Style 

Besides numerous color choices, there’s also an interesting selection in terms of fits and models to opt from. For instance, you can wear a long bomber jacket which ends further down the body instead of your waistline. It is a clever alternative for winter days and it could be your statement clothing piece. Always pair this jacket with slim pants to avoid a chunky look. 

Things to Consider When Purchasing Bomber Jackets

  • The fit should resemble the one of a tailored blazer;
  • Choose the materials cleverly: leather or wool for winter months and polyester or suede for autumn or spring days;
  • Find a bomber jacket that has a double-ended zip for a more versatile look;
  • The jacket should be the main clothing item of your outfit so opt for neutral or monochrome colors: tan, green, beige, black, etc. For a bolder look, try a printed jacket. 


Bomber jackets are an attractive, versatile part of your wardrobe. Don’t stick to one style, consider trying multiple bomber jackets for a variety of occasions to find your favorite.