Best Places to Visit in Chicago

The hustle and bustle of Chicago is something everyone should experience at least one in their lifetime. The city touches Lake Michigan which almost looks like an ocean. Although it’s the Midwest, it may feel like a smaller New York City. The food is great, the attractions are endless, and the people are kind hearted and welcoming. 

  1. The University of Chicago 

This top tier university has a beautiful campus that is highly recommended to go to during the fall. Ken Kurson attended this University and said it’s a great place to visit during fall. The diverse campus has many events during the year and is a lovely picture-perfect spot for many tourists.

  1. Millennium Park

Of course, visiting the Bean is one of the most popular activities to do in the windy city. It has lots of greenery and park space for picnics or to safely socially distance yourself. In addition, there is an ice rink open during the winter. It’s a perfect holiday place to take Christmas photos and galavant around as if you were in a Hallmark movie. 

  1. Skydeck Chicago

If you’re afraid of heights, this is definitely not the stop for you. At almost one-thousand-four-hundred feet above the ground, this panoramic view is worth every butterfly in your stomach. The floor is glass which means it feels like you’re floating in the clouds. The best time to visit is at sunset because the views are magnificent and not as many tourists will be there.

  1. Navy Pier

Filled with fun rides like carousel and Ferris wheels, the Navy Pier should definitely be on anyone’s bucket list. It’s a 3,300-foot pier on the shore of Lake Michigan. It included gardens, parks, food, and many other attractions. If you have kids, this is a place they’ll love and can remain super safe, because staying six feet apart won’t be an issue. 
Overall, visiting Chicago at any time of the year is recommended. The deep-dish pizza and great cuisine is something very unique to the area. The locals are always great and enjoy sharing the hidden secrets of the city. Ken Kurson, highly recommends going to see a band play as well. The music district is always booming in the windy city!