Why Write About Your Pandemic Experience?

It’s very important to record our personal experience during the pandemic. History books are being written day by day about the effects coronavirus has had in 2020. So much more research is being conducted day by day which is why it’s important to record our own experiences. Down the line, authors like Ken Kurson, think that the virus will have a monumental impact on the rest of our lives. Wearing a mask has become a social norm and it might stay that way forever. 

Reading history books in high school was never the best activity. Many students feel a disconnect from history books because some of the information found in them is no longer valid. With mass media taking over the planet with virus reports, it’s hard to understand why our personal testimonies are of any use. Well, with such a new medical catastrophe, personal records are of the most value. Many who were unfortunate to contract the virus have a variety of different symptoms. For example, some are A-Symptomatic and some almost die. Hair loss, stuffy nose, loss of hair, fevers, aches, and pains all vary from one person to the next. Reporters like Ken Kurson, think that gathering information for individuals is an important part of finding a cure. With vaccines on the horizon, it’s now more important than ever to share as much information as we can with one another. For some, that may mean writing a blog, writing to a local newspaper, or making a Facebook post. As long as people are sharing and communicating crucial information, people will benefit from it.