7 Wedding Gown Styles to Know About

It’s no secret that wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes. So if you are on the hunt for the most perfect wedding dress but you have no idea where to begin then you have come to the right place! We have researched far and wide to curate a list of the most popular wedding gown silhouettes along with descriptions so that you can be confident and have a point of view when you go to your first wedding dress shopping appointment. 

Ball Gown 

If a fairytale princess-inspired dress is what you envision as the wedding dress of your dreams, then look no further than the Ball Gown! The distinguishing factors of the Ball Gown silhouette are 1) a fitted waistline and sometimes fitted through the hips and 2) a skirt that flares dramatically, usually over layers of tulle. 


The dress that has all of the beauty and elegance of the Ball Gown but not as much flare and drama is the A-Line dress. This silhouette is similar to the Ball Gown in that it bestows a fitted waistline and a flared skirt but unique to the A-Line is that the flare in the skirt is softer so that the shape of the dress resembles the letter “A”. 


When you envision your dream wedding dress do you see yourself in a flower crown and a dress that one would describe as bohemian chic? Then this is the silhouette for you! The Empire silhouette is known by being fitted through the bust and then flowing all of the way down through the skirt. This silhouette allows for more movement and a bonus is that by being fitted through the bust versus through the waist like the first two silhouettes the brides in this dress will appear taller. 


The Mermaid silhouette is the dress option for the bride who is looking to show off her curves and look elegant and ravishing at the same time! When you think of a mermaid you probably think of the mermaid tail. The mermaid tail is described as body forming under our hips through our ankles and then instead of feet, the mermaid tail flares out into fins! In the spirit of the mermaid tail, the Mermaid wedding dress silhouette is fitted through the bust, waist and hips and then sharply (or softly) flares out anywhere at or under the knee. 


The Midi silhouette is defined as any wedding gown where the hemline ends anywhere between the knee and the ankle. If you are looking for a fashion forward silhouette that is all of the rage in the bridal fashion world then we would suggest that you consider this uniquely beautiful gown. 


The Mini silhouette is not often seen in the bridal salons, but it exists for the bride to be that wants to show off her legs and dares to be different! The Mini silhouette is defined as any wedding gown where the hemline ends above the knee. If you love the fun appeal of the Mini but cannot let go of the traditional floor length wedding gown then we recommend that you consider wearing your gown for the ceremony and changing into your Mini for the reception. Who says you can’t have your wedding cake and eat it too? 


If you are the bride that does not want to wear a dress but wants to still look elegant and breathtaking on your special day then you should consider a pantsuit or jumpsuit. These silhouettes are defined by varying fits at the bust and waist but then instead of skirts these silhouettes have pants! The difference between the Jumpsuit and the Pantsuit is that the Jumpsuit is a one piece and the Pantsuit is made up of separates (typically pants and a matching top or blazer). We also recommend these silhouettes to any bride to be that plans on showing off some wild dance moves on the dance floor! 

We hope this guide helps you prepare for one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. Happy shopping!