5 Magnetic Eyelash Cleaning Tricks


We have seen and witnessed how truly spectacular and easy it is to put on our magnetic eyelashes, now how long do they stay good and what special cleaning tricks do we need to be set up for? As easy as they are to apply, they are just as simple to keep looking new and fresh. 

Gather Supplies Needed

With most cosmetics and beauty tools, we need to have a few go to cleaning and maintenance items to keep our beauty investments and makeup clean. First you should always have a good oil free cleaner that will clean brushes and also be safe for application on your eyes. Cotton swabs for eyeliner removal comes in handy. Keeping the case your eyelashes came in is a must because you need to store them safely in them.

Removal of The Lashes 

How to clean my magnetic eyelashes? Although this process may seem a little intimidating, we assure you that they will come off quickly and pain free! Grab the outer edge of the magnetic eyelashes and gently pull the lashes away from the magnetic bond. Try to avoid pulling on your own lashes so they stay intact. Once the outer lash begins to pull away, the lashes should release the magnetic bond holding them on. Place the lashes directly in the lash case to avoid any extra dirt or bacteria from gravitating onto and within the lashes. 

Be Gentle 

When you are handling the lashes, you should have the proper hold to keep the lashes from falling apart and tearing. They are very durable, but over time if you mishandle them, like most things, they will wear out. Holding the band of the lashes instead of the lashes or magnets will secure a nice tight hold and also prevent you from dropping it. 

Cleaning Magnetic Lashes 

Here is where you really want to take note. The supplies you needed will be used here. Cleaning your lashes, although are very simple, if you use the wrong ones could ruin your lashes. The oil free cleanser or Micellar Cleansing Water for water resistant makeup, should be used gently to remove all the makeup and any residue from the magnetic eyeliner. This will help the magnetic to stay clean, which will attract to the magnetic eyeliner longer. The key is taking your time and being gentle so the lashes stay intact and they do not crimp or tear.

Removing Magnetic Eyeliner 

This step is a breeze. Your eye makeup and magnetic eyeliner does not require scrubbing or soaking or multiple processes to accomplish a clean face. Grab the Q tip and oil free eye makeup remover, or in some cases companies like MoxieLash have their own unique formulas for Q Tips that have an olive oil blended remover already on the applicator. This makes cleanup easy for on the go as well. Gently take the applicator and brush it over the magnetic eyeliner and you will see the makeup coming off quickly and efficiently. Your eyelids will thank you for using the right product removers. 

We all want to look our best, but we do not want to spend hours applying and removing our products. We do not need an entire counter full of tools to get the results we are after. Magnetic eyelashes with magnetic eyeliners have become a total game changer with the thick full extended eyelashes we dream of, without the harsh chemical applications to help grow them. They are easy to apply and remove and as long as you keep them clean and stored properly, they can last you 30-40 times and the eyeliner up to 90 applications. This will truly change the way you apply your face makeup and you will be happy with the results.