3 Groms Collections To Know About

There are very few furniture collections that we can say embarks on a sense of creating a style with modern clean lines with such a different view than that of the three Groms collections. There are three very distinctive lines which include the Downtown, Uptown, and Hamptons collections. What’s really amazing is that they can all be mixed with bringing in texture, modern lines, and colors that create a sensation for our senses. 

Downtown Collection 

This being one of the most popular collections brining in a mid-century vibe with vivid centerpieces and warm material all mixing with style and a modern twist. The diverse collection all centers around its urban sense of transparency with using a variety of wood choices including spruce, oak and walnut combined with fabrics like that of the Spruce Dining Chair which uses shade to timeless look. Combine that chair with a table like that of the Reinhart with such a dramatic base made out of rustic black iron and a sleek top with a solid oak. We encourage you to explore why this collection embraces the past with its attraction to clean geometric lines and soft fabrics. The Oliver Sofa extends its wide base to allure your eyes to its straight walnut wood legs and feel its soft plush sand cushions. The comfort and style of this collection is an incredible combination.


This Groms Uptown Collection embraces a sophisticated formal embrace. With more of a traditional Italian feel with class and traditional pieces, we cannot speak more highly of its iconic craftsmanship and attention to detail. We cannot express the appearance of a bedroom with more of a traditional Hollywood vibe right out of a movie. We feel like Grace Kelly as we lounge on this upholstered Howell Upholstered Bed with its cream colors. Adding in a bit of fun with the Shaker Square Pillow which combines a dark granite color with geometric squares and texture to live up our room. A fun accent chair like that of the Serena Chair, can take a cold rainy day blues away with a good book nestled in with a soft throw blanket. The playful design of the Bonnie Floor Lamp lightens the mood and allows us to stem the imagination. 


If you love the coastal vibe like we do, this collection is just the right fit. We can smell the saltwater air filling the room as we open our eyes up to the light colors, natural tones and fresh taste on the fabrics. The centerpiece of our living room is inspired by the massiveness of the Teak Root Round Coffee Table. It allows a transparent glass top to put this magnificent piece of wood on full display. Each piece is one of a kind so we encourage you to explore its glory and pair it with the comforts of a casual yet durable Bendheim Sofa couch with a variety of soft colors including a grey, ivory and oatmeal color palette. This collection downplays the hard angles and embraces a softer river rock tone with side tables like that of Edgebrook Side Table. Although it is less of a centerpiece, it relaxes the mind and takes us to those sand filled dunes with seashells and soft rocks.

Although each collection has its undetermined direction in which we express our design choices, every one of the collections embrace a variety of textures and wood accents. Whether you are an Uptown, Downtown, or a Hampton’s type of person, you will find several pieces that you will fall in love with just as we have.