Why the COMBAR™ Pro from Aclim8 is the perfect adventure toolkit

Serious outdoor adventurers understand nature can be wild and unpredictable. If you want to be prepared for any eventuality then COMBAR™ is the perfect adventure toolkit for you.

Aclim8 started designing the COMBAR™ Pro a few years back, and they wanted to present a toolkit with the 5 key outdoor essential tools to take on any task. It had to be made with high-quality materials, the best workmanship, and be easy to carry. 

The design process for the ACLIM8 COMBAR™ Pro required some intensive research: besides its other functionality, COMBAR’s developers and founders wanted it to be able to dig. 

Aclim8’s Yaniv Bar and Udi Cohen are both former officers of the Israeli Special Forces. They were determined to develop a tool that would resemble the military e-tool and be perfect in every detail. It’s various tools had to make it indispensable for  bushcraft, survival and multiple special ops scenarios.

While researching the folding military e-tool, they discovered the Trowel Bayonet that had preceded it. The trowel bayonet was fashioned onto the spike of the bayonet, and about 700 units were distributed to be tested in the field by multiple US infantry companies. Carried out in 1868 -69, the trowel bayonet experiment received overwhelmingly positive feedback. At that time, no entrenchment tool existed, but by the time World War 1 was fought the heavier version of the e-tool had been released, an implement that proved to be important in trench warfare. While primarily designed as as shovel it often doublesd as a weapon.

Even though no one needs to dig trenches when on an outdoor adventure, the developers still wanted to give the toolkit a shovel that could dig properly when necessary. The whole toolkit needed to have a lifetime warranty, and each tool had to be able to perform to meet military standards. Each part of the COMBAR™ has been torture tested in real-life situations.

The materials that ensure the toolkit will last a lifetime were specially chosen for their strength and durability. The aluminum used on the main body of COMBAR™ is aircraft grade and stainless steel was used for the hammer. Titanium is combined with stainless steel for the ax to enable sharpening, and the spade is made solely of titanium. Glass reinforced nylon is used for all the handles.

Emphasis was placed on how the parts would be fused to ensure a single yet sturdy unit that can lock safely into place to perform the required task. An ergonomically designed handle promotes a firm and secure grip. 

The COMBAR™ Pro survival knife and saw are designed to sit on rails inside the handle and the whole toolkit can be carried in a case with molle bindings, a crossbody strap or by your side in a specially designed holster for easy access. The compact tool kit weighs only 3.5 lbs. or 1.6 Kg and can be used to saw branches, chip wood, hammer pegs, and cut through almost anything. This is the perfect adventure kit, whether you are setting up camp, hunting, fishing, or hiking through the untamed countryside.