Why SUVs Are So Popular

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Of course, there are many styles with vehicles; sports, saloon, coupe, to name but a few, yet it is the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) that is head and shoulders above the rest. When you look at the average family who love the outdoors and like to travel, the SUV is designed with touring in mind and even a single person can make good use of the family SUV’s many features.

Off-Road Expeditions

If you are looking for a rugged workhorse to take you on off-road expeditions, Nene Overland are the people to contact, as they are a leading dealer for Land Rover and Jeep. They have a great selection of used vehicles, plus the complete range of SUVs and with affordable finance, you can splash out on a premier vehicle will full options.

Sheer Comfort

This is one aspect that you didn’t expect with early sports vehicles, yet the latest generation offer smooth comfort and if you are going to spend many hours in a vehicle, you want comfort. Features like hi-end in-car entertainment are standard with an SUV, plus there are too many options to mention when ordering new. Click here for some fun facts about Maserati.

Great Family Car

The SUV is nimble and makes for a great family town run-around, plus it is economical if you don’t call on the power and the additional space makes shopping a breeze. Search online and check out the latest from Land Rover, namely The Defender, which comes in 3 versions, 90, 110, and 130. You might prefer Toyota’s range of SUVs, which include the Land Cruiser, a thoroughbred vehicle designed for adventure, but whatever make or model you choose, make sure you buy from an approved dealer.

Safe Winter Driving

This is one of the reasons why people choose the SUV, with big shoes that offer optimum grip in all conditions, while the 4WD option means you can control the vehicle in all environments. It’s a comforting feeling to be driving a solid vehicle with 4-wheel capabilities and lots of power under the bonnet.


The perfect vehicle for a camping trip, the SUV has all the features you need and with a solar blanket and a deep cycle battery, you have energy independence. An awning tent is perfect and the great British outdoors awaits during those glorious summer months, indeed, there’s nothing stopping you touring mainland Europe, enjoying Portugal, Greece and Italy. If you are an avid angler, your SUV has you covered and the right roof rack is ideal, or any outdoor activity that you engage in, the spacious interior and towing capability makes the SUV a winner. Here is some UK government information about the new relationship between the UK and the EU, which is worth reading.

Test Drive the Best

You can book a test drive with an online dealer and before you do that, check out the new and used models to guide you in your test drive choices. You could, for example compare Jeep with Land Rover over two sessions and the sales rep is always happy to show you all the features and bring up the vehicle history.

The SUV has much to offer everyone, no matter your lifestyle and when you book a test drive, you can discover the many features of this powerful new breed of vehicles.