Fun Facts About Maserati

Named after the six sons of Carolina and Rodolfo Maserati, this Italian car brand is known all over the world as one of the most famous luxury vehicle lines out there. Just the name itself evokes thoughts of beauty, style, and class. However, not many people know much about the history behind the brand. Here are some fun facts about Maserati and its origins.

Maserati Started Producing Race Cars

The brand’s namesake, the Maserati brothers, started out making race cars for another Italian car manufacturer. When the other brand decided to stop producing race cars, the brothers decided to create their own line of racing vehicles. The brothers continued to win quite a few races as they went into business for themselves. 

The Maserati Logo is Based on a Fountain

The Maserati’s trident symbol is based on the Fountain of Neptune, which is a monument in a town square in Bologna. A symbol of strength, Neptune is also known as the God of the Sea and the God of Horses, which made for a perfect connection to racing that the brand is known for.

The Brand Was Founded in Bologna, Italy

The Maserati brothers chose their hometown as the founding place for their new business. Although the town of Bologna, Italy, isn’t as well-known as some other Italian cities such as Florence, Milan, or Rome, it has a rich history that lends itself to the well-known luxury car brand. It’s also one of Italy’s top ten most populated cities.

Under New Ownership

After the Maserati Brand ran into financial troubles, the company was bought out by an Italian businessman from Modena. Adolfo Orsi came from humble beginnings but eventually became a successful owner of steel plants, a spark plug manufacturing business, and eventually the Maserati car production, which he moved to Modena, Italy.

A Tragic Accident Causes the Company to Stop Racing

In 1957, a terrible accident occurred when a Ferrari’s tire blew out as it traveled 250 mph, killing two drivers and ten people in the crowd of spectators. Most tragically, among the victims were 5 children. There were several reasons to hire a car accident attorney, leading Maserati to stop participating in professional racing.

The Maserati Brothers Staying with the Company for Ten Years

When their company was bought out by Adolfo Orsi, the original owners signed a contract to stay with the company for a decade. Their engineering backgrounds helped them continue to make important contributions to the design of the brand’s cars for 10 years, before they left to create another car company, O.S.C.A.

Production Was Interrupted by WW1 and WW2

Several of the Maserati brothers had to fight in the First World War, so production was halted for several years when they were away. During the Second World War, the company stopped making cars and began producing components that were needed for the Italian’s war efforts.

The Company Continued to Change Hands

Over the years, the Italian brand was under the direction of a French car manufacturer, Citreon, an Argentinian businessman, Alejandro de Tomasco, and finally the company Fiat itself. Maserati experienced ownership changes under Fiat, including being owned by Ferrari which Fiat had previously owned themselves. 

Ferrari is given credit for maintaining and restoring the Maserati name that is still well-known to this day. Despite some cases with a lemon law firm in California, the company has remained a top competitor and fan favorite to this day.