When You Are Launching a Brand, You Want to Make Sure That It is Well-recognized

The only way you can make sure your brand is well recognized is by presenting it in a dynamic way. You want your brand message to be heard, and the best way you can do so is through an effective video ad. 

When it comes to video marketing, running video ads on social media is the best way to go. 

But how should one ensure that their video ad presents the value of their business to customers? Today, I am going to help you understand how some of the big video production Chicago based services work.  

Do you want to nail your first video ad as well so it converts visitors? Let’s explore it together. 

Your First Impression is Going to Be Your Last Impression

When it comes to video ads, the beginning of your video is one of the vital aspects. You want to make sure that your average customer doesn’t scroll your video ad down on their smartphones and the only way you can establish that is by creating an ad which pays attention to your customer requirements. When you hire a video editor for your social media ad, make sure to add a statement which can trigger the interest of your audience. Most brands usually trigger the audience by asking a common question or a question which addresses their problem? Such questions create a curiosity for the average viewer to watch your ad. Most video ads on Facebook are now muted, make sure to add stunning visuals to capture attention. 

Spotlight What Makes Your Brand Standout from the Rest

If you want to win your audience, you need to provide them with something of value. When you create a video ad, explain why your brand is the best option for businesses to pay their investments. Some people start by addressing common problems and then providing information on how their products can help solve those problems. Others simply share their achievements and discuss how they are contributing towards the betterment of society. Some use unique selling points to highlight why their respective brand is different. Find your personal cliche and use it in your brand video ad to get the spotlight on you. After all, spotlighting your brand by adding value to customers is the only way you can achieve success. 

Set the Appropriate Duration for Your Video Ad to Continuously Run 

Video ads are a quick win. If you can hook the audience in the first few seconds, they will take the chance of going through the entire ad. But, when designing the perfect video ad for your target audience, you need to make sure that your video ad is not too long or too short. Some accidentally wrap everything in 15 seconds which is way too less for an average person to remember you. Others take it up a notch and go for a minute long video ad which becomes very boring. You don’t have to make anything too small or too long. So the best time duration for an ad is around 30 seconds. Make sure to wrap it up around that time. In this way, you will strike the right balance making your video ad one of the most perfect for audiences. 

Emphasize on the “Why Choose Us” Messaging and Ad a Powerful CTA

Lastly, make sure that your video ad should convince the average user as to why they should select you as their preferred choice. Make an emphasis on the “why choose us” messaging. Maybe your product has a certain eco-friendly organic touch which makes you a more green business, discuss that element. Or maybe your product is using an innovative technology, don’t forget to discuss it in depth. One way or the other try to emphasize on your uniqueness. Once you have created the perfect storyboard, end the whole thing with a powerful CTA. You can either add it in your video, use it as plain text or add a button to it. 

Here are the 4 important things every brand focuses on when creating a video ad. Do you have something more valuable? Share it with us.