How to Develop a Happier Relationship with Oneself

The topic is “self-love” never comes without some debate. Women and men have struggled with body dysmorphia for generations. Mindfulness and meditation experts like Helen Lee Schifter believe that self-love does not happen overnight. It takes time and patience to develop a healthy relationship with oneself.

Many times, bodies and normal people are compared to models, actresses, musicians, and celebrities. What people tend to forget is that these “idols” are usually cosmetically modified to look the way they do. With the help of science, people can morph their bodies into anything they wish. Yet, that doesn’t help those who aren’t able to perform these surgeries. The way to develop a healthy relationship with oneself is by committing to looking from a different perspective. If mirrors are triggering, just don’t look. Stop picking at everything that is wrong, and start changing the imagery of how you view your body. Stretch marks, spider veins, uneven textures, are completely normal. They make us human, not barbies. Helen Lee Schifter went on this enlightenment journey many years ago and has not looked back since. Getting rid of negative thoughts isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. Living happier starts from within.