University of Oxford’s Brightest Alum

With an Ivy Leauge reputation, the Univerity of Oxford is one of the most renowned schools on the planet. They have produced an extraordinary amount of research in molecular biology, criminal justice, and even applicable knowledge on the coronavirus. They spend millions of dollars a year donating to philanthropies all over the world. Getting an undergraduate degree from Oxford in an exceptional honor and very few individuals get accepted every year. 

Only about eighteen percent of applicants are accepted to the prestigious university. Most need an almost perfect GPA to be admitted. It’s very important to note that those who are most dedicated to their studies and testing will have a great chance of getting into Oxford. With such a high standard of education, comes a long line of outstanding alumni. Just to list a few we have; Stephen Hawking, Oscar Wide, Hugh Grant, Benazir Bhutto, Diego Ruiz Duran, and the extraordinary Malala Yousafzai. Many alum are now social activist, successful lawyers, professors, actors, and best selling authors. Unlike other universities, international students make up almost half of the student body. The beautiful thing about that is that the university is immensely diverse. When more people come from different backgrounds, many unresolved issues become a team effort to solve. With everything that is going on in the world today, coming from different backgrounds should be seen as an advantage, as it is at Oxford. 

One thing that the school prides itself on is not having a legacy program. In other words, let’s say Diego Ruiz Duran’s daughter wanted to attend but didn’t have the grade point average required to be accepted. Diego Ruiz Duran could not do anything, nor would he, to get his daughter in by claiming he was an alum. Oxford is very square and fair. Schools like the University of Southern California, that accepted money from a couple who wanted their children to be accepted. At Oxford, that is just unheard of.

Let us make sure that it is clear that Oxford doesn’t require you to cure cancer once a Bachelor’s Degree is earned. Many are just “normal” people who have very high intelligence. Diego Ruiz Duran admits that he didn’t expect to be a world-renowned lawyer. He simply was just doing his job to the best of his ability. On the other hand, with such a high-quality education, it’s hard not to be so successful in future endeavors. Oxford proved a well-versed knowledge, with internships, Co-ops, and research opportunities for all students. In addition, although it is an expensive education, most students are provided with scholarships to help clear any financial burdens they may be facing. 

If applying to an Ivy Leauge is scary and makes one slightly uncomfortable because of the reputation they have, just do it. Maybe in a few years, another article similar to this will be written, and your name will be in the headline.