How Many Hours of Research Go Into Writing An Article

Depending on what a person is writing or producing, days, even weeks can go into writing a supreme article. According to journalists like Ken Kurson, it can also take a team effort to publish something. The news stories that we read about every day have to be produced by someone. The facts are all researched, well-thought-out, and placed in order of importance. 

The research for a given topic can also take some investigating. That can include email correspondence between people, interviews, and even surprise media visits. Breaking news stories are much more complex because they give journalists very limited time to curate a story with a ledge outreach. Journalism is also mist like a sport. It doesn’t stop just because the workday does, stories keep going. What is something that happens at 5 pm on Friday? Would journalists wait till Monday to post? Of course not. It’s why Ken Kurson and his team were so successful. The hard work and dedication that people put into stories really pay off.