Education Success Through Transfer Pathway

Studies show that students no longer follow the two plus two model. This model consists of the student doing two years at a community college followed by earning their degree two years later. This equates to a total of four years of college. Nationally, only 8% of students complete college this way. Instead, transfer takes anywhere from three to four years after their two-year degree to graduate with their bachelor’s degree. 

One way transfer students can follow through with their success is by enrolling in a transfer pathway. A transfer pathway aims to remove barriers meeting students’ needs to help them succeed. Through institutional collaboration resources can be made accessible to students to help guide them. When enrolling in a pathway students are encouraged to choose a major or career path. This helps ensure the students are in the right math and English courses. Another aspect to the transfer pathway is connecting with a transfer advisor. More than half of students that are looking to transfer have never used this resource before. The importance of transfer advisors is they help make connections at university and get credits transferred over. 

By providing resources and expanding institutional collaboration Kentucky is ensuring the success of students. The state has set a goal to reach 60% of its population having earned a post-secondary degree by 2030. By investing into resources to support students, the state is working towards a brighter future for its students.

Transfer success
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative