Looking at Orange County NY Commercial Real Estate

The 2023 commercial real estate outlook is unpredictable. The market is currently worth over $20 trillion, however, rough waters ahead could lead to some serious consequences for property owners. Rates are rising, vacancies are becoming more abundant, and billions of dollars in loans are coming due in the next four years.

Despite these unpredictable elements, institutional investors are confident that commercial real estate is strong. Buying opportunities are still in abundance, and the versatility of the property market is strong as well. Big cities and hubs for property ownership, such as New York, contain upwards of 2 million different commercial properties. These types include retail, multifamily, mixed use, industrial, hospitality, and land, among other smaller subgroups. It is because of these diverse options for investors that many business and property owners are choosing to take advantage of the value-add of selling properties and their business together.

Some commercial real estate professionals are selling their business alongside their property. This decision saves time, money, and effort that otherwise could have gone to waste if the seller attempted to make both of these moves independently. Although market uncertainty, rising interest rates, and shifts in portfolio values may make these moves more challenging, the trends show that many investors are taking advantage of this concept.

Opportunity is everywhere in the real estate market, and although the future is uncertain, taking the risk doesn’t have to be scary, but can rather be a new and promising venture for any passionate investor. Learn more about Orange County NY commercial real estate in the infographic below:

Orange County Commercial Real Estate
Source: ChessRealtors.com