There Are New CBD Rules Coming for Dietary Supplement

Close up photo of marijuana plant at outdoor cannabis farm field. Hemp plants used for CBD and health

The CBD market has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. This has caused many regulators to play catch-up as they try to slap down new rules regarding the CBD market. Now, it appears the FDA might by inching closer to instituting new rules regarding safe daily doses for different forms of CBD products. Most people are aware that CBD can lead to drowsiness, which is why people should not drive a car while using CBD. At the same time, there are other regulations that might be coming in the near future as well.

The FDA recently stated that they are going to take a sample of the CBD marketplace, including companies that make CBD capsules, and produce a document for Congress in the next six months. The goal of the FDA is to crack down on companies that are not appropriately labeling CBD products. When someone takes CBD, they depend on the CBD shop to make sure their products have been labeled appropriately. This is the only way people can know how much CBD they are taking. Many people think that the CBD products in the market have been checked top to bottom by the FDA. That is simply not the case. When people think that the FDA has evaluated the products, they assume they are safe. This isn’t always the case. The FDA is trying to tighten the regulations on these CBD products to make sure that people know exactly what they are taking when they buy CBD products.

The FDA is also trying to race ahead with dietary supplements. The approval process for a new dietary supplement can take three years or more. Without a doubt, CBD has become incredibly popular. This has caused the public to apply a lot of pressure on the FDA to expedite the approval process. The FDA has even acknowledged that there is pressure from the public. People are going to take CBD products and use CBD supplements regardless of whether or not the FDA regulates them properly. Therefore, the FDA is simply taking the approach that they are going to do what they can to keep people safe.

Right now, there are still federal laws that prohibit the FDA from doing research on how CBD works and new products that can be developed from CBD. While many people think this law needs to be repealed, it may still take a while for this process to happen. In many ways, the FDA is behind; however, they have issued a call for private researchers to start studying CBD products in-depth. Without a doubt, this is a major issue in the area of public health. The FDA is working hard to make sure that everyone can use CBD safely.