The Transleader: |Strategy and Leadership|

One of the most important concepts that have been discussed lately is the interplay of leadership, strategy. The heart of an organization that when working together can produce outstanding leaders for the 21st-century business world. It is the basis of the book written by Sertl Huberman, who believe that for leaders to succeed within the new century. Transleader require an encapsulation of strategy that is revisited periodically, as well as leadership. That relies on recognizing the importance of every area of life and business and lastly that the values and convictions of an individual and the company. It is important to note that for leaders to be successful in the current environment of the 21st century it is imperative to have a holistic leadership model.

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For the first part of this model, the strategy of leadership evolves constantly to keep up with the changing market. Where a swift change of ideas, fads, and trends implies that the strategy must be constantly refine and revisit.

Strategies in this context are not something that’s develop every couple of years and then execute regardless of developments in the world. Strategy is a constant change with each significant change in the trend. Be aware of the importance of the term relevant as strategy can’t change with each passing trend or fashion. Rather, the transleader needs to assess the significance of the current trend to the business they are operating and plan to follow the trend. Furthermore, there should be a sustainable strategy to deal with any tectonic shifts. That occur in the world of business, so a strategy cannot be static.

The next step is to ensure that leadership can able to handle the complexity, uncertainty, and uncertainty. It is not a good idea for an executive to sit and believe that they know everything about the company. They doesn’t recognize the necessity of working through these areas.

Arlin Jordin Washington

Model of Leadership

The old model of leadership that relies on knowledge and experience is obsolete, and the “transleader” needs to be transformative in that they must blend knowledge and experience with a keen knowledge of the three elements mentioned above. The key point is that the transleader should be able to detect and perceive shifts in the world and be able to react and respond to them.

The third element that is groundbreaking is the fact that the transleader must have personal values and beliefs that are in line with those of the company and turn, vice versa. Through this integration, the power and effectiveness of the organization can be maximize. Both the leader as well as the employees will find fulfillment and success throughout their careers. The key point is that aligning is a part of the soul across the customers and employees. Business partners are an essential requirement to ensure the success of the leader as well as the business. In conclusion, businesses shortly will have transleaders that can be transformative and, by reviving the heart of the company and guiding them to more success.

Three Traits of Effective Leadership

We’ve discussed the idea of Transleader in our previous posts. We have discussed how a leader who is essential to the business and vice versa can prove to be successful. To continue the discussion in this article, we will review the three qualities that are essential to an effective leader and differentiates the leaders and followers. The three qualities covered are character, vision, and effectiveness in relationships. It is important to note that these aren’t the only characteristics, but more similar these are crucial to the leadership profession. This means that these qualities are essential but they are not the only ones.


Considering the first characteristic and character of leaders is crucial because it determines the person they are. It also defines what do, and what they won’t do, as well as what they represent. Also, people who live their beliefs and values deeply rooted will be able to endure the tests and pressures of their beliefs and values. Because leadership is all about being the ultimate decision-making authority. Transleaders must be driven by principles and guided by their values rather than just pursuing an outcome. Therefore, the most important characteristic of an effective leader is the character that leaders possess.

The third characteristic of leadership is the capacity to see the future and to have an eye for the future. It is important to remember that leaders are people they look up to as they guide them into the future. Therefore leaders must have the ability to see into the future to meet this requirement. There are many examples in government, business as well as a society. Here leaders such as the late legends Steve Jobs, Bill Gates as well as Larry Paige, and Sergei Brian of Google show that they had game-changing concepts about the future. The core of 21st-century leadership isn’t just looking into the future. But also creating a future-oriented environment where the business can flourish and prosper. Leaders are people who aren’t frightened by the future. But instead, like the mythological prophets of all religions, can offer paths to the future followers can follow.

Arlin Jordin Washington

Successful leaders

The third factor is how successful leaders are in their relationships. Because most transleader understand that the whole activity of living is about people and the connections that are form with those who are around them. The effectiveness of personal relationships separates those who are truly leaders from others. While this doesn’t mean that leaders must only have charisma or be popular people. The idea is that by cultivating and nurturing relationships. Leaders can demonstrate that their actions towards their colleagues. The efficiency they show in their relationships can see throughout the company and inspires others to follow suit.

It is also important to be remember that the leaders should discover the organizations. They feel comfortable in, and, consequently, their traits and the DNA of the organization must be match to form an effective combination. There is a chance to be the perfect person for the wrong job, but the incorrect person for the correct job. What is crucial, is if one is the best person for the job.