Pneumatic Tubes – An Easy Solution to a Common Hospital Issue

The pneumatic tube, invented in the 1900’s, is a speedy courier system which most we’ve all experienced when making deposits or doing small banking transactions. It’s efficient and convenient and easily installed. 

What we may not have considered is that banks aren’t the only place where such a system would be not only available, but absolutely invaluable. One such place is in a hospital or other large medical facility. 

In hospitals, for instance, where staffing shortages are a serious concern, staff may spend hours of precious time just walking from one place to another acting as courier for things like labs, medicines, or blood transport. With the availability of the pneumatic tube system, these kinds of duties are completely unnecessary for hospital staff to perform. 

Pneumatic tubes work through a series of sensors, tube stations, pressure vacuum zones, and blowers. These tubes are installed within the walls and can connect every part of a facility. They can also travel the furthest distance from one end of the facility to the next in under 5 minutes. 

In 2010, one hospital with a fully functioning pneumatic tube system, was transmitting about 7,000 tube carriers every single day. 

In a post pandemic world, when time is of the essence and hospitals need new technologies more than ever before, the pneumatic tube system is an easy solution to one of the most pervasive problems of hospital operations.

Medical Facilities Need Operational Technology More Than Ever
Source: Swisslog Healthcare