The Reasons Why 2 Wheels Are Better Than 4

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It really doesn’t matter who you are, because at some point it has come into your mind, that you would really like to get yourself a motorcycle. It doesn’t matter how young you are, or how old you are, the temptation to buy yourself a motorcycle and explore the great outdoors, can be very strong. You will hear all of the stories, talking about the dangers of driving a motorcycle, and how people die on the road every year as a result of driving recklessly. However, these accidents are caused by people who don’t obey the rules of the road, they are not considerate of other drivers, and it is very likely that they don’t wear essential safety equipment. It is not the bike’s fault, but the drivers. Like everything in life, when you use something correctly and for its initial purpose, then things always go smoothly, and the same applies when you buy yourself a motorcycle.

This is why many motorcycle riders will attest to the fact that two wheels are significantly better than four, and they can give many examples of the benefits of owning a motorcycle, and getting out there to explore the many roads that four wheel vehicles wouldn’t be able to negotiate. Hopefully, after you read this, you will get yourself down to Wheels Honda, and pick out a motorcycle that you like.

  1. It’s cheaper than a car – It isn’t just a little bit cheaper, it is significantly cheaper, and it doesn’t matter if you decide to buy a used or new motorcycle, you will definitely find one that is in better shape than a car and it costs a hell of a lot less. In many cases, a top end motorcycle will cost less than half of what a car would cost. This gives you more purchasing power, and it means that many different models are available to you. It is essential that you make comparisons with many different motorcycle dealers, because many of them give special deals with added extras, and you don’t want to miss out on that.
  • Lower insurance costs – Insuring the car can cost many thousands of pounds, and the cost of car insurance is on the increase every single year. If you’re someone who is middle aged, and have a clean driving record, then it is very likely that your premiums for driving your new motorcycle will be very low. In many cases, we are only talking about a few hundred pounds, as opposed to thousands of pounds. This will allow you to have more money, so that you can organise special trips to many historical places in the world.
  • Better resale value – Motorcycles tend to appreciate less than cars, and in many cases when you drive your car out of the showroom, it immediately loses 20% of its value. Your motorcycle will depreciate, but not at the same level as a car. As long as you take care of your motorcycle and make sure that it is serviced on a regular basis, then you will find that will hold its value much better. Be sure to keep yourself safe on the roads, by investing in the right safely equipment.

Hopefully, these three points have helped you to understand the benefit of having your very own motorcycle parked at the front of your house. It opens up so many possibilities for you, and it isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg.