The Benefits Of Home Automation

 What Is Home Automation  

Home automation refers to a modern way to run your home, and it is becoming increasingly popular for several reasons. Automation allows users to program and schedule the devices on the network. The programming can allow users to give commands such as turning lights on or off. Homeowners can also use the system to conserve energy by ensuring appliances are not active while the house is empty.


Automation systems used to be more prominent in large commercial buildings but are now becoming increasingly accessible within the home by allowing devices to simply connect to a ‘local area network’ via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Remote control

Home automation systems facilitate the remote controlling of the home.

Smartphone App

Many appliances can now be easily controlled using a phone and tablet devices. You can set reminders and receive notifications as well as being alerted of anything that may need your attention while you’re away from home.

Growing network

The network for smart appliances and technologies within the home is continuously growing. Many new household items are incorporating ‘smart’ features and have the ability to join the home automation system. You can now control various appliances as well as the lighting and heating of your home such as the water system, cooking appliances and the entertainment systems.

 Benefits Of Home Automation  


A benefit of home automation and smart products is that they use less energy to complete the same task and can help you to save money on your Direct Energy monthly expenses.


Home automation can significantly improve the security of your home. You can be promptly alerted of any possible disruption within the home and can include devices such as smart doorbells and CCTV cameras.

Peace of mind

If you leave the house in a rush and question whether you have accidentally left an appliance switched on, you can check your appliances and manage your home once you have left the house. You can check everything using your phone or device and put your mind at rest.

Energy conservation

Using a home automation system can keep you informed of how much energy is being used by each household appliance and recognizes when appliances could reduce energy consumption. The system can also cleverly detect when an appliance has been unnecessarily left running for too long and will turn it off to ensure the house is safe and not being wasteful. Conserving energy is great for the environment because it ensures that the household is not being wasteful or using excessive amounts of energy, reducing the overall demand. Conserving energy is also a simple way to save money on utility bills when running your home.

Luxury living

Some households are choosing to implement the most sophisticated home automation systems. The most advanced systems can allow you to experience luxury benefits and great convenience, facilitating services such as commanding the oven to be preheated for your arrival, perfecting the temperature in preparation for your return and running a bath to your preference.

 Products Worth Looking Into  

Smart plugs

Smart plugs can allow you to give everyday devices, such as coffee makers and lamps, the functions of smart devices.

Smart speakers

Smart speakers can provide many functions on your demand such as playing music around the home, providing information and communicating. The smart speaker is often used as a key part of the automation network as it can easily connect with other smart devices to control them on your demand. 

Home security cameras

Home security cameras are a crucial part of the automated network to ensure that your home is safe and secure at all times. Smart cameras allow you to view what is going on from any location and the cameras are becoming increasingly more sophisticated to provide you with clear images and recordings.