Giving Good Gifts Means Getting Personal

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There are many things in life that feel like a competition when they shouldn’t. But life is complicated like that. One of these occasions is gift giving. We really shouldn’t worry so much about getting gifts right, but we do. We want to do our best and be seen in the best possible light. We know from experience that a good gift does influence how we feel about someone. Especially if it is something that was chosen by understanding your taste and predicting what you would like. The problem is that we don’t know everybody’s tastes and some people who are important to us are very hard to read. Fortunately, there is a way to be personal without needing to be psychic. You can get good gifts and then get them personalised. Here are some ideas.

  • A quality sweater is a closet staple that every person should have. Splurge on one that will keep someone warm, but also be a head turner whenever they wear it. Look for a quality fabric, like cashmere, and make sure you choose a color that will be in style for years to come. A good sweater should last them years if they take care of it well, so they’ll be able to wear it for seasons to come.
  • Baby Keepsakes: A new mom is going to get a lot of gifts, many of these will be practical things that she will need, and some of those gifts will be more personal and will be kept around for a while. But a baby’s keepsake will stay around for a lifetime, especially if you get it right. Australia’s leading baby keepsakes can be personalised to make the gift extra special.
  • Custom Patches: About 20 years back the custom embroidery business really took off. This gave everybody the ability to order custom hats and jackets with logos and names, for company swag and teams. But today there is a better idea, custom patches, that can be applied to anything. This is high-quality embroidery, and the artwork can be anything at all, from memes to fashion logos or whatever other obsession the recipient might have. Likely this gift is best for teens and young adults, but with a little thought this can be for almost anyone.
  • Custom Puzzle: This is like giving someone the gift of a photo, but in this case the photo is something special to them, and they must put it together. You can let your imagination go wild, over what the picture could be. But this is a fun and memorable gift. These days you can order high quality puzzles in different materials, even wood.
  • Personalised Stoneware: This gift is specifically for that person in your life that likes to make casseroles or other dishes and give them to others. With their name on the personalised casserole dish or other items, they not only get to advertise their name as chef, but they are going to be quite certain to get their dish back. Win, win, and you might even get a lasagne out of the deal.

The list can go on and on, of course, the trick is to think about what is useful, and then figure out how to make it personal. With engraving services these days, and other things like 3D printing and laser cutting. There are endless possibilities to make something special that has a personal connection as well. And the best part is that these kinds of gifts are not usually that expensive either