The Beauty of the American Spirit

Ken Kurson has served in many different functions and capacities throughout his career. He has worked in politics, journalism and consulting. These experiences have cultivated a certain affinity for the American spirit, based on the experiences he’s had and the various fascinating people he has been exposed to over time. The reality is that as we live through these gloomy times due to the Coronavirus pandemic that has presented unforeseeable health and economic challenges around the world, the generosity of the American spirit has yet to waiver. 

No matter the city or the state, we have seen small business owners provide for the general welfare in a way that no other country has. No matter the seemingly bleak economic conditions presently on the ground, they have stepped up to the plate to help their fellow citizens in a way that nobody could have imagined. Of course, only folks that are well acquainted with the American spirit could have imagined it , and forecasted it  indeed. 

Ken Kurson shares his own experiences about traveling the county and witnessing the generosity of the American spirit and soul. To Kurson, none of this is unexpected; in fact, anyone who has been able to have the opportunity to experience America properly, would have forecasted it  with precision. The American people are consistently there for one another. Regardless of how perilous the economic conditions or predicament might be, they are always and consistently there for their fellow citizen. This is a hallmark of what being an American is about. 

Generosity of spirit is a concept that needs to be fostered and promoted beyond the confines of the American border. During these times where there are more health and economic concerns; there needs to be a unifying theme to rally around to help one another, regardless of ones background. There needs to be an environment that is cultivated that values and prizes altruism, and doing good and giving back. 

Such an environment will ultimately compel people to continue giving back and helping their neighbor. It will lead them to feel motivated to give back in any way they possibly can – regardless of how much it  might be, or how infrequently it  may be. The beauty of giving is that its the idea that counts more-so than the amount. It  is the principle of taking a stand and vouching for a fellow citizen in the interest of the goodness of humanity that needs to be valued and appreciated. The size of the gift or the scope of the particular act of generosity, really is meaningless. 

Ken Kurson realizes this sentiment by producing music and other forms of activities to help inspire and lift up the spirits of those who might be feeling down – and justifiably so. These are very dark and even frightening times. They require us all to radiate as much light as possible. Only by radiating such light through our acts of generosity and kindness, will we be able to merit a rescue of western civilization. Thanks to the kindness and the golden-hearted nature of the American people, as a country, we are certainly well on our way. The road to recovery may very well be paved with roadblocks and some obstacles along the way, but we will overcome them – as have members of generations proceeding us.