4 Surprising Benefits of Procrastination

Image Author: https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/g/Nicoleta+Ionescu

What is procrastination? Today, when the whole world tries to accomplish as much as possible and be extremely productive, such behavior is most often seen as something negative. Numerous articles on the internet tell us how to fight procrastination, social media influencers share their unique ways to stop it, some of our coworkers always try to look busy…

But what if procrastination is not the root of all evil?

Everything depends on how you look at it, and even the action of postponing some tasks can do good for you. Below are 4 unexpected benefits of procrastination:

1. Procrastination teaches you to work more efficiently

If you have to complete a task in a week, you probably start working on it on Thursday or even Friday. If you do it all the time, but never get in trouble, there is no need to worry or get down on yourself. Nothing is wrong with you!

Maybe you don’t realize, but perhaps you just need the pressure of the ticking clock to finish your task. If you still get your work done, you only improve your effectiveness and learn to do things faster this way. In fact, by postponing, you create conditions comfortable for yourself – it’s easier for you to focus and concentrate when time is limited, so why worry about the rest?

Anyway, you must be honest with yourself: if procrastinating often results in the decline in the quality of your work, it definitely doesn’t teach you anything.

2. While procrastinating, it’s easier to perform little tasks

When you avoid doing something big, you often fill up the free time with some insignificant activities. For example, if you’re postponing some work projects, it’s easier for you to start doing some household duties – just to run away from the hard tasks. Believe it or not, but while procrastinating on one thing, you can really succeed in others. Moreover, doing something different can be the key to finally stopping procrastinating (maybe only after your whole house is clean and decluttered).

Having fun and gaining new general knowledge at the same time is a great idea for procrastination hours. Among other small things to do when you procrastinate, try answering fun trivia questions on QuizzClub. There are also many interesting educational articles on the site which can teach you how to become smarter or even survive in the toughest of situations

3. Procrastination helps you reduce stress

Overcoming procrastination can be harmful. If you’re not in the mood to do something, getting over yourself can lead to stress and anxiety. According to the scientists, dedicated procrastinators show lower stress levels compared to people who try to stay busy all the time: procrastinators just worry less. Sometimes, when it’s really hard for you to start doing something, it’s better to do a good thing for your mental health and leave it until tomorrow.

4. While you procrastinate, some of the most creative ideas can come to your mind

As procrastinators are less stressed and more relaxed, nothing stops them from being creative. When your mind is not overloaded and you don’t force yourself to do something you don’t want, it’s easier for you to come up with something new. Sometimes, when you procrastinate, you can even invent a new, more effective, and fast way to do your job. If you see your procrastination hours as an opportunity to analyze and reevaluate things, you will only benefit from it.