Talkspace Offers Some Insight into Some of the Most Triggering Topics

The holidays serve as the best period to spend some time with your loved ones and also reconnect with your friends. Talkspace usually offers therapy sessions online, and the company can provide some insight into some of the most triggering topics that people discuss during their holidays. Most triggering issues are as follows:

1. Discussing Politics

During the elections period, the political atmosphere changes for some time. The recent elections took place in 2016. The leaders elected by the people are meant to bring about some positive changes. Some surveys have been carried out, and it is evident that the future of the nation induces some stress. Prominent media houses such as CNN usually analyze the poll. Individuals aged between 18-44 years of age voted for Hillary Clinton. The people who were older than 45 years voted for Donald Trump. In this case, the younger generation opted for Hillary Clinton, whereas the older people saw it fit to vote for President Donald Trump. The younger generation and older adults can conflict over such matters. Although the holidays are meant to bring people together, such issues may bring about some clashes since everyone in the family may have different beliefs. Talkspace went ahead to note that the issues about politics bring about a lot of fear during the holidays. The professional at Talkspace have also looked into some of the best tips to handle political discussions, and they include:

• Setting some boundaries before the holidays commence- enlighten the family members that political discussions are not allowed.

• Shift the conversation- try to discuss more about new films that may have been produced recently. You can also talk about different music genres.

• Excuse yourself politely- you can continuously remind people about some of the topics that they should not discuss. In some cases, you can also excuse yourself politely to avoid some avoidable conflicts.

2. Judgment from Family Members

At times, members of the same family do not share the same beliefs. In some cases, some of the family members may judge different individuals harshly says an expert at Keller Law Offices. Talkspace reviews showcased that some of the topics that bring about some judgment in different families, including:

• Your choice in a partner- nowadays, there are individuals who have different sexual orientations, and they may be judged depending on their selection in partners. The people who identify themselves as part of the LGBTQ+ community face such challenges, especially after introducing their partners to their family members during the holiday.

• Having a family- there are some irritating questions such as, “when are you getting married?” People usually ask such questions with good intentions; however, it is none of their business. Such questions can also induce some stress, although most of the family members may have different expectations from one of their own.

• Future career plans- at times, your family may support your career. In such cases, they may start asking you about when you are going back to school, among other things. Other questions that you may be asked include whether you have been issued a promotion or whether you are going to change your career path. Such questions may seem harmless; however, they will take a toll on your since you may become anxious. Also, some of these conversations seem judgmental.

3. Returning to your hometown

At times, you may be stressed since you are unable to return to your hometown. According to some of the Talkspace reviews, returning home brings about some sense of comfort. For other individuals, returning home reminds them of some of the issues that they may have experienced in the past. People usually enjoy their holidays since they are in a new environment and they can watch movies and engage in other activities.