3 Reasons to Use CBD Oil for Pain

1. Non-psychoactive

CBD stands for cannabinoid. This is the part of the marijuana plant that does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which produces the psychoactive effect. 

3 Reasons to Use CBD Oil for Pain

In other words, CBD does not cause psychological effects that will get you “high”. This is a big allure to use CBD for pain.

In the human body there is something called the cannabinoid system. 

These cannabinoid cells are basically dormant in a person’s body and they run throughout the person’s nervous system and other systems. 

The CBD activates the cells that have been basically dormant and allows the body to function on a more optimal level using these cells that have been dormant. 

There is no need to use a CBD oil with THC in order to get these results. Therefore keeping the use of this oil non-psychoactive. 

CBD oil is all the rage these days and gaining much popularity as a new supplement that helps to treat a variety of conditions. 

These conditions include insomnia, anxiety and pain to name a few. For these conditions there is also no need to use CBD oil containing THC. 

People that have used CBD oil have described it helping them collect their thoughts. 

They enjoy the fact that it’s not psychoactive but it relaxes them. They feel an ease that removes stress. Most likely because CBD oil removes inflammation in the brain.

2. Different Forms

Another good reason to use CBD oil for pain  is that it comes in different forms which make it easier for people to ingest. 

A lot of people have been turning to natural medicines. They no longer wish to choose the pharmaceutical route because of the side effects that are known and also not known by scientists. 

A lot of people prefer now to take mother nature’s natural healing herbs. As Hippocrates said, “Let thy food be thy medicine”.

Having said that most people that go to pharmaceutical medicine are limited to pill form medications, terrible tasting liquid medications, or any other unpleasant ways to take medications that don’t give them a choice. 

It can be argued that one can go to a compound pharmacy to get these ingredients mixed in a form that works for them.

However the medication is still pharmaceutical and has many unknown side effects. The pharmaceutical medications that are supposed to be used for pain also produce harmful side effects.  CBD oil is natural and not addictive like some pain medications prescribed by doctors.

With CBD oil it is natural and it comes in different forms which are easy to ingest. CBD oil can be taken orally. 

Examples of this are the spray bottles, or squirt bottles. These bottles you take and pump under your tongue. 

This allows for a quick bio availability. However factors in this include the chemistry used to create these CBD oils. Liposomal formulas work best. 

Another way to ingest these products is mixing them with food or beverages. 

You may even see some beverages in your local supermarket containing CBD oil. 

Another way to ingest CBD oil is by vaping It. There are now vape shops that sell vape pens containing CBD oil. You can also smoke a flower containing only CBD. 

And another way to use CBD oil is topically. 

There are oils that can be rubbed on affected areas to help with things such as pain and inflammation.

3. Non-psychoactive

Although resellers of CBD oil cannot officially state that CBD oil cures ailments they have followed their customers closely. 

By following their customers closely and keeping track of the ailments in which they suffered from they have received much good news about the CBD oil effects. 

Some of these ailments include lyme disease and fibromyalgia. People that have lyme disease and fibromyalgia have had incredible results by taking CBD oil. 

Their pain has been reduced greatly they say. There have also been a case of enlarged pituitary gland that have shrunken due to taking CBD oil. 

Older folks with arthritis have also swore by CBD oil. They say that the CBD oil has helped them more than any other medicine they have taken. 

Perhaps this CBD oil is a miracle drug. But It is still not recognized by most medical authorities. 

So while CBD oil may work for many reasons and help many people it is not getting the recognition and respect it may deserve. 

Perhaps there is only one way to find out for sure and that is to try it yourself.