Take Your Party to the Next Level with Bachelorette Pool Floats

It’s official, you have met the man of your dreams and now it’s time to plan out all of the events that lead up to your very special day. From dress shopping, trips to wedding expos, and planning the most memorable bachelorette party, you are going to be one very busy bride-to-be! For many women, the bachelorette party is one of their favorite wedding events to plan because you get to spend time with your girls before becoming a Mrs. So, where are you planning to have this party of a lifetime? 

If you are leaning towards a pool party, you have the right idea! So, just how can you take your bachelorette pool party to the next level? You will definitely need all your girls there, along with apps, music, cocktails, but don’t forget about some very awesome pool floats! Bachelorette party floats can help  you take your party to the next level by offering a relaxing treat for your friends and family, opportunities for great pics, and they have more uses than you think!

Relaxing Poolside

You can spend your bachelorette party relaxing poolside with all of your amazing friends and family members. How can you improve your experience by the pool? By relaxing in the pool! Imagine yourself and all of your favorite people floating alongside each other in the pool, soaking up the sun. Sounds wonderful, right? From floating on a popsicle to a unicorn, you can make your bachelorette pool party relaxing fun with these joyful floats. 

Floats have many uses!

So, you could take your pool party to the next level with a pool boy to fetch your things while you are in the pool. But is that really within your budget? If not, you may find that pool floats can come with many uses that will allow you to just relax all day. Pool floats can be used as cooler, a table for apps, a drink holder, and more! So, no need for a poolboy when you have bachelorette pool floats! How to best use your floats:

  • Fill your float with ice and leave your cocktails inside for a chilled drink that you won’t have to leave the pool to get. 
  • Get a cup holder bachelorette float that can store you and your girls drinks while you swim and relax.
  • Use your bachelorette float as an appetizer table for snacks in the pool! Shrimp cocktail anyone?
  • Use a float to hold your speaker and phones! No need to get out to change the song. You can be a DJ from your float! Also, you can capture some memorable moments by having your phone readily available. P.S. don’t forget a waterproof case!
  • Lastly, use it to hold your tanning oil and sunscreen! No more getting out of the pool to reapply!

Get Some Awesome Pics!

We are all guilty of scrolling down our newsfeed, looking at other people having a great time with friends. Now, you are the bride and your bachelorette party will be in the spotlight! You can flaunt how fun your bachelorette party is to all of your social media friends by getting some fun pool floats! Imagine your updated profile pic is you floating on a giant pink heart, drinking your favorite poolside cocktail. Now that is true bridal status! You can have a photo shoot with your girls and have some great pics to look back on!  

Okay, so are you ready to throw the bachelorette party of the year? Here are your must haves!