How STIR / SHAKEN is Changing the Future of Phone Calls

One of the largest pet peeves in the modern workplace isn’t your cube mate’s gossip – or at least anymore as many of us are working remotely or some sort of hybrid in and out of the office. It’s actually the incessant badgering of telemarketers and their unsolicited phone calls. To put it in a simple word: spam. Spam calls are everywhere and they are the bane of our existence.

How prevalent are spam calls? No, they aren’t just happening to you. On average, a whopping 54% of all phone calls are uninvited spam. America is currently the 8th most spammed nation in the world. Last year, Americans received 46 million robocalls. And there is incentive for the companies that are foisting all this unwanted spam on us. Spammers make approximately $375 per American and in 2020, phone scams cost Americans $10 billion dollars.

There has been newly introduced legislation by the name of STIR / SHAKEN which seeks to fix these issues. It works by implementing called ID authentication to combat spoofing and robocalls.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel that at least hopes to end spam calls. Learn more about the future of phone calls through STIR / SHAKEN legislation in the visual deep dive below:

STIR/SHAKEN Is Changing The Future Of Phone Calls