Why the Gig Economy Has Been Growing in the Pandemic

It should come as no surprise that the gig economy has been growing by leaps and bounds throughout the global pandemic. With many people choosing to skip the store lines and have others to depend on for food, package, and grocery deliveries, this area of gig work is in high demand. Last year, the gig economy grew by one third, which was 8.25 times faster than the entire United States economy as a whole.

Many think that working in the gig economy isn’t sustainable, but this is likely that they do not know all of the opportunities that they are afforded by it. Some areas of industry that contain gig work that might surprise you include automotive, animal care, events and entertainment, and general labor. It is far more far reaching than simply ride sharing such as Uber and grocery shopping such as Instacart.

There are numerous advantages to working in the gig economy as compared to a traditional 9 to 5 job. This includes setting a flexible schedule, better quality of life, higher pay, and greater opportunities for the future.

Learn more about how to make a living wage in through gig work using the visual deep dive below:

How The Global Pandemic Transformed The Gig Economy
Source: WageDev.com