Smart Devices Dominate Smart Homes

A smart home is a home defined by its commitment to ease. While in the past it was imagined as a fully responsive, conscious home. The smart homes of today are instead opting towards complete automation, with some responsive elements. For example, it’s hard to enter a home without an “Alexa” or “Amazon Echo” today. 

But what else makes up a smart home? Smart devices. While a smart speaker or even smart responsive TV can be cool, there’s much more. These fall on a range of devices, from the more practical, smart locks and security for example. Technology that is typically used to keep the home safe and easily observable at any time. To the less practical- smart mirrors and ovens come to mind for this.

Each device fulfills a different function, but they all work together to move towards one cohesive smart home. Today almost 70% of American households own a smart device. It’s not just a fad, it’s the majority of homes. The most relevant problem today is price, but it will only continue to drop. 

The smart homeowner of today can be defined in countless ways. Although one element that is steadily revealing itself is the utility of smart devices. Currently they’re an undeniable luxury, but it won’t be long before they’re everywhere. Smart homes are coming, it’s just who will own them first. 

Smart Devices and Homes of the Future