How to Match Corporate Gifting with Branding Strategy

Brands are the personification of your company. Done right, branding humanizes your company in the customer’s mind. It colors every interaction the company has with outside groups, be it in advertising, social media, or in person. 9 in 10 customers prefer brands that feel relatable and authentic to them. 

One way to craft a relatable brand is to line it up with an archetype. According to renowned psychologist Carl Jung, there are 12 major personality types seen throughout history. Brands that follow a well-defined archetype rise in value by 97% compared to those lacking a strong identity.

Don’t just bring your branding into advertisements. Make sure every interaction customers have with your brand is touched by branding. A powerful and unique place to incorporate branding strategies is corporate gifting. After all, 66% of people remember your company name a year after receiving a gift. That’s a far more lasting impression than an ad can leave. 

How can you tie a gift to an archetype? Consider this example. Outlaw archetypes are deemed to value liberation and fun. They enjoy libation accessories to go with their good time. A whiskey gift set would let customers share in the company’s sense of rebellion.

Choosing the right gifts for your brand archetype