Public Relations Lessons in a Post-Coronavirus World

There are a number of public relations agencies that have had to recalibrate the way they do business since this pandemic has wrought the sort of devastation it has on the economic conditions of so many, Josh Nass PR is an example of a boutique agency that has adapted to the changing circumstances in a fast, efficient but nimble fashion. 

Not unlike any other industry, the public relations industry has also suffered through this pandemic. That’s not merely attributed to the big-time agencies or behemoths. Rather, it’s happened to many smaller agencies as well. But keeping an agency afloat and surviving during a crisis of this magnitude is something Josh Nass PR has consistently demonstrated a unique ability to do. 

Adaptation for smaller agencies can be a work in progress for some; and a challenge for others. But the reality is that so long as there are strong  fundamentals in place, an agency specializing in communications in a strategic manner will be able to not only survive, but indeed thrive. Crises of these sorts come and go; but they do pose a temporary challenge to certain public relations agencies. 

Agencies need to continuously be conscious that they are ahead of the curve when it comes to their service offerings that they’re providing their clients. The digital media space continues to evolve at an incredibly rapid pace. Those agencies that have truly crystallized and professionalized their digital service offerings were able to continue procuring them to clients, even during this pandemic. 

By example, the team at Josh Nass PR has been offering its search engine optimization services and digital marketing services to various companies at a considerable discount during this pandemic. These services have been especially in demand among ecommerce platforms, that have actually seen an upswing in the number of interested customers purchasing their products, since the COVID-19 pandemic began.  

This is hardly surprising. If you think about it, regardless of whether there’s a pandemic taking place, or whether life is entirely back to normal, consumers need certain goods, and others will continue and persisting shopping whether in a brick and mortar store or not. The web has only evolved with time, and platforms that offer consumers the ability to purchase goods and services online will continue to benefit from being ahead of the curve. 

The amount of sales that many of these major companies that have aggressive and tactful ecommerce platforms have been able to facilitate, has been nothing short of remarkable. And the reasons are clear as day. In fact, if you look at the stock prices per share for many of the major companies that offer virtual shopping and such services, their values have increased dramatically during this pandemic. Amazon is a prime example – no pun intended. 

But it goes beyond Amazon, as communications professionals like Josh Nass PR will tell you. Companies in industries like Tesla that are not necessarily known for sleek innovation or creativity have suffered, while their cohorts with companies that have executives like Elon Musk and other CEOs constantly seeking to challenge the status quo, have survived and even succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations during this time. 

It’s one of the primary reasons that some of the most successful businesses in corporate America today, are those whose executives are constantly seeking to challenge conformity; and not afraid to take risks to accomplish their ends and objectives. That’s the spirit of American innovation that ultimately will get us through this crisis. 

This crisis is an unprecedented one in so many different ways; and way too many businesses were totally caught off-guard when it initially hit us. It is indeed a fact that government agencies failed to fulfill their duty by not providing proper forecasts to American citizens, and not providing adequate warnings about the sheer scope and magnitude of what the Coronavirus has proven to be. 

That however does not excuse so many businesses having not had communications programs in place internally within their companies, for when the crisis hit. Every single business should have pre-emptively been ready with a communications strategy of how they intended on transmitting messages to their customer base and network about what to do and what programs they’d seek to implement in the event of a crisis. 

The value that PR agencies like Josh Nass PR provide in times of crisis is extraordinary. But instead of rushing out to engage PR firms only when the s*** hits the fan, many businesses should be asking themselves why they weren’t proactively preparing for a crisis while things were still just fine. Waiting till the last minute to develop a proper communications strategy for your business, is not only not good public relations. It’s bad business.