Microlearning: How Companies can Invest in their Employees

The technology industry is arguably changing the fastest as demand from all sectors is seeking the newest technology for business and personal functionality. This demand requires employees in the technology field to constantly be up to date on new systems and products so that they can adapt appropriately. The problem though for many companies, investing in the best employee training for further professional development requires a significant investment that few can afford. Many companies are having to pay $40,000 for one single event that lasts for just a few hours. That’s where microlearning becomes an effective alternative.

Fortunately, technological advancements in education have allowed a more affordable option for companies that provide employees with even better results compared to the traditional way of training. Now, employees can receive ongoing training on their personal mobile devices and access to a variety of training content anytime they’d like. This reduces the need for renting conferences, paying travel expenses for a trainee, and/or taking work time from employees (which steals the company’s productivity from earning more money). 

As for the employees, interacting with engaging training content on their mobile devices has allowed them to conduct more effective work in their profession. This is because employees take in a little bit of information in small increments of time without having to devote late nights or sacrifice productive work hours to sit in hours retaining irrelevant information that they may or may not use. Over time, employees that interact with fun interactive training content can quickly apply their knowledge to adapt to trends and changes taking place in the company they work for.

Microlearning - the future of workplace training
Source: Arist