Jobs of the Future: Do You Have What it Takes?

Work is changing fast – workers aren’t satisfied with traditional jobs anymore and are moving to remote alternatives. Many knowledge workers, such as software developers, have quit their jobs for not having the option to work from home. Over 60% would switch jobs to be able to work from home, and it’s no surprise why. People who work from home are much happier than their traditional counterparts. The flexibility that comes with remote work lets employees spend more time with family and friends, higher overall morale, and increased savings.

Keeping employees happy and healthy is becoming all the more important as AI takes over the smaller tasks in work. Skills that are necessary for human relationships and creativity are becoming more and more valuable. This means that workspaces of the future will be heavily designed around comfort and worker wellness. A nap room would be called ridiculous now but making sure that employees are able to be creative will be vital for a company to thrive. Businesses that help foster these skills that allow their employees to have good person to person relationships and be creative most effectively will find themselves ahead of the competition.

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Jobs Of The Future