Michael Bash, Entrepreneur and Author of Million Dollar Miracle

What do you think is your greatest skill?

It’s my ability to connect with others, particularly with women which has helped me in my career and in life. I’m a warm-hearted person who’s always loved people. I was raised in a way that’s friendly but it was not learned to me. I also am a fan of charitable work and enjoy helping people who are less fortunate.

How are you faring today ? What does the future hold? 

At the age of 90 I’m healthy! I talked to a mystic once, who said to me that I’ll live to the age of 102! I’d like write a second book over the next few years. I’m also interested in working with a young person that I could teach and who can help me with the running around reconfiguring work.

When you first started your business Did you learn something that was particularly useful or beneficial? *

I’ve learned a lot during my many years of rezoning homes. The majority of people are looking in the wrong areas in search of property to develop or buy. You should look for areas that are empty and undeveloped.

What platforms/tools do you utilize to run your company? 

I don’t utilize any tools or platforms for my work. I depend on my interpersonal skills and my ability to spot opportunities and capitalize on them whenever I spot it. My ability to communicate with others and my genuine desire to assist others are my platform and tools.

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