How to Find the Best Baked Sweet Potato Recipe

Whether you are a seasoned professional in the kitchen or a beginner, sometimes you need a tried and true recipe that you know will be a crowd pleaser each and every time it is served.  And when it comes to cooking simple dishes and sides, a great recipe can be a game changer. Take for instance, a baked sweet potato recipe.  You can cook and serve a sweet potato multiple ways, but how can you find a baked sweet potato recipe that will leave your diners amazed at your cooking ability? You can easily get lost sorting through page after page of pictures and instructions and waste precious cooking time just searching for the recipe itself.  Here are some things to consider when searching for the best baked sweet potato recipe.

Keep it Simple

Searching for a recipe online doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming, although both feelings can be experienced when just trying to find a basic recipe.  When it comes to finding the perfect baked sweet potato recipe, we find less is more. A sweet potato has a naturally sweet flavor and desirable texture. A baked sweet potato recipe should not attempt to add additional flavor or change the consistency of the potato.  Instead, it should enhance the sweetness and preserve the fluffy texture of the potato by using certain baking techniques.

Learn About the Sweet Potato

Any baked sweet potato recipe you find should give you some basic information about sweet potatoes including what variety of sweet potato works best with the given recipe.  It may come as a surprise that sweet potatoes come in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors. Even more surprising is that each variety responds differently to certain cooking temperatures and techniques.  It’s important to make sure your baked sweet potato recipe includes this information so your results are as expected.

Look for Recipes that Include Tips and Tricks

Even the most competent of cooks can make mistakes or miss vital information.  It’s always helpful to find a recipe that includes the originator’s own “hacks” for ensuring the dish comes out as expected.  It’s especially important to look for this type of information when considering a baked sweet potato recipe, as even a small oversight (like whether or not to use cooking spray when baking the potato on a baking sheet) can ruin the entire dish. 

Read the Reviews

Any baked sweet potato recipe worth its proverbial salt will likely have been tested and reviewed by other users.  Taking note of how many reviews a certain baked sweet potato recipe has may let you know if that recipe is very popular or brand new.  Just remember that a recipe that does not have numerous reviews is not a bad recipe, it just hasn’t been used as thoroughly. Reviews can also help us decide if a certain baked sweet potato recipe will work for our location (some baking recipes can vary based on the elevation where you live).  Reading a review from someone close by may help you determine that the cooking time should be altered slightly from the original design. 

Having a classic, go to baked sweet potato recipe is a great tool in any chef’s apron.  Sweet potatoes can be served as a side dish, or main course, depending on how they are prepared and presented.  Finding a great baked sweet potato recipe doesn’t have to be an exhaustive, confusing process. With the few simple guidelines above, finding the perfect recipe that fits your needs will be quick and efficient; kind of like baking a sweet potato!